My name is Jean-François Declercq.

Since 1998 I have always had a website. I have several websites on the web. I use this web presence to post things that I have seen, that I find interesting, that I like or that I think.

In the beginning it was just one web page. Now it’s a series of blogs, twitter accounts, Facebook pages… Don’t ask me why I have so many… Some people have a lot of pairs of shoes, I have many websites.

You can have an overview of all of them here : http://64projects.com/

http://www.jfdeclercq.com is the big archive of many things I posted on the web: blogs posts, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets… it also contains content that I created with phpNuke and phpWiki : very old stuff !

I hope you like it.

I like feedback, so don’t hesitate : http://jfdeclercq.info/perso/feedback/

Have a nice day !

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