What is a governance ?

By | August 24, 2023

First a governance must have a goal, we call it the VISION.

At the center of the governance, there are a set of RULES.The governance processes provide rules to  the “governed processes”.

Once the GOVERNANCE is defined, one must think about :

  • the COMMUNICATION of the governance
  • the EXCEPTIONS and APPEALS that can apply to the governance
  • the COMPLIANCE aspect : how to verify the governance rules are applied  ?
  • the VITALITY : when and how do we change the rules ?

Let’s think about a sample governance that we all know :  the road code.

  • The vision is that without a road code, the roads would become too dangerous.
  • The road code is the governance, the set of rules, for driving a vehicle.
  • The road code is communicated when you pass your driver license and via road signs.
  • There are some exceptions to the road code, for example for the police and ambulances. You can appeal if you can prove that you were in an emergency case.
  • Police controls are there to verify that you comply to the road code
  • The road code should be revised from time to time. The vitality of the road code is ensured by the authorities.

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