Today I’m sending a sanguine email to… me #fb

Sometimes I’m really pissed off and I write a very long mail for the other party. I give facts and figures to show I strongly disagree or I’m hurt by some statement. It’s  a feeler reaction. I know it. That’s why with time I have learned not to push on the send button and save them as draft or send them to myself.

Today is such a day.

I received unfair feedback this morning. I wrote the complete argumentation in an email. Now I know I’m not to blame. So I’m sending that sanguine email to my gmail, in case I really need to put those arguments on the table…

Is it accepting the other point of view ?

No. it’s avoiding to harm the relation even more. It’s trying to find another solution than retaliation. It’s counting points silently before making the final call.

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